About Us

What we are about

I am an animal lover and in particular I love my dogs. I dabbled in agility with Phoenix in the past and I started breed showing a little bit  with mainly Shadow and occasionally Kula. I do compete in breed showing quite a bit now with Sherry and Autumn and sometimes Shadow. I do it mainly  I have found that I have a very loving, friendly type of dog that I can have fun with. I decided that I would like to breed from Kula's line and hopefully continue with my own dog family. I do enjoy going away to shows and the social life with that and having a very occasional litter if I want a puppy. I have picked dogs that I think have lovely natures and also look very nice. All the goldens are checked for general health, tested for hip, elbow and eyes. These can be the main problems for a large breed dog. Although there can be no guarantees for the health of a puppy, the best endeavour is made to produce lovely healthy family dogs. 
There are some pretty good obedience dogs in the background also and therefore anyone wanting to do obedience with their dog would probably do alright. I am thinking of taking this up. My biggest problem is sorting myself out as I have trouble knowing left from right. If I am nervous my brain goes to pot. I have to make sure I have my watch on so that I know which way is left!

You will see from some of the lovely photos on this website, we spend a lot of time walking our dogs. We like to explore different walks near to home or far away and are lucky enough to have access to many walking tracks.

Where 'Salhouse' comes from

When I was a child we used to go for boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads in Norfolk, England. These were happy days and there was one Broad called Salhouse Broad that I can remember we had great fun at. It was a beautiful Broad and we moored there for the night and got up to all sorts of mischief, jumping off the boat into the water, playing on the shore - cricket, football, climbing trees etc. Anyway, when I was wanting to get a name for my kennel I decided I wanted a name that my Dad (who has since passed away) would recognise and something that meant happy times with him to me. I went through a lot of names and in fact could have picked any of them, but in the end I decided on Salhouse which will forever remind me of my Dad and my happy holidays on the Broads.

The litter of puppies that Kula had in 2006 all were given pedigree names of cruisers that were on the Norfolk Broads with the word "Sun" in them. Hence, Salhouse Sunchaser, Sundancer, Sunburst etc.  We have continued on with this tradition with Shadow's litter naming them Golden Light at Salhouse, Prince of Light at Salhouse, etc.


Phoenix poking her tongue out.

Kula putting Shadow's leg to the taste test!

Shadow in her favourite "car crash" position!