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Day 11 - Featuring Tiny

posted 17 Apr 2010, 22:17 by Carole McNie   [ updated 18 Apr 2010, 00:19 ]
Today we feature Tiny who has a far shorter story than Trinity (thank goodness). Tiny was the last puppy born and the smallest and at the start did not seem to be alive. However, we got her going and she has gone from strength to strength ever since. She is quite a feisty girl and is quite happy to push her way around to get to the feeding or sleeping position that she wants. She also appeared to be the first puppy to really start to stand up. So, even though she was smaller, she has the drive and energy to survive. She is no longer the smallest puppy and in fact beats two other puppies in weight. She is very pretty with a sweet head and lovely gold colouring.

(click on photos to enlarge)
Tiny 11 days old (left). Tiny 1 day old (right).
Tiny practices her walking (left). Tiny and me at our beach house this afternoon. Temperature was at least 30 degrees C. (right)

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