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Day 12 - Featuring Spartacus

posted 19 Apr 2010, 00:35 by Carole McNie   [ updated 19 Apr 2010, 01:24 by Nigel McNie ]
Today we feature another one of the big pale golden boys, Spartacus. He is an absolute sweetie. He is cuddly and is the one puppy that has started to lick our hands and faces like he knows he is giving us a kiss. Spartacus is a gentle puppy who doesn't make much of a fuss about anything, just gets on with the business of feeding and sleeping quietly. He often has puppies piled up on top of him and in fact, in one of the photos below where Tiny is on top of him and Flotsam beside him, Tiny had actually been trying to bite his head gently and he didn't even know about it (or at least he pretended he didn't know). He's going to be a real gentleman!

(click on photos to enlarge)
Spartacus at 12 days (left) and 1 day (right).

Spartacus cuddled up with Tiny on top and Flotsam beside (left). Spartacus the chilled out puppy (right).

Other News

Trinity is doing well and continues to improve. However, we have another puppy with the same problem, Maximus. So investigations are on to find out the cause of the infection. A sample has been sent to the lab and I look forward to seeing if that can give us some answers.

Meanwhile, all the puppies have had a good weight gain today, including Maximus and Trinity, and you will see in the photo below that Shadow is perfecting the art of having puppy adornments over her front legs - this time with three, a new high score!

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