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Day 13 - Featuring Flotsam

posted 20 Apr 2010, 00:26 by Carole McNie   [ updated 21 Apr 2010, 00:41 ]
Flotsam is the biggest of the girl puppies so far but I'm not sure how she has managed that as she still floats around the whelping box in the wrong direction for several minutes while the others have found their way to mum and are feeding. However, she does get there in the end. She is one of the loudest barkers at the moment, along with Thumper. She seems to be quite inquisitive and spends some time trying to look around and of course, like all the other puppies now, trying to walk. She started her day today in bed with us along with Tiny, but that was only because they were being the noisiest.

Flotsam has a beautiful, wide head and is a lovely golden colour.

(click photos to enlarge)
 Flotsam at 13 days old (left) and 1 day old (right).

Flotsam tries out her soccer skills (left), but then gets too tired - big yawn (centre). Flotsam sleeps on Shadow's leg (right).

Other News

Very sad scene last night - Shadow got in the whelping box to see to her puppies and they were all asleep and stayed asleep and totally ignored her, so she was lonely for a while. :-(

She's not lonely for long though (see below)!
Maximus gives mum an ear chewing (left) and synchronised feeding (right).

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