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Day 14 - Featuring Xerxes

posted 21 Apr 2010, 00:00 by Carole McNie
Last but certainly not least we feature Xerxes. This morning we were woken by a dawn chorus of puppies barking, and Xerxes was among the loudest. He is quite playful and as all the puppies are really beginning to become alert now, he begins to play with the others. This evening, while he was feeding, Tiny was busy trying to bite his bottom, but he was taking no notice whatsoever!

Xerxes has formed a very pale star on his head, similar to Thumper. He is a golden colour with a very nice head and likes to give you a lick.

Xerxes at 14 days (left) and 1 day (right).

Xerxes being weighed (left) and licks for me (right).

Other News

Thumper has taken to wagging his tail at us, so he is a nice friendly chap.

Shadow made a big mistake this morning - she got into the whelping box, sat down and before she knew it she had all the puppies feeding and was unable to lay down. I had to get her up and move her to a spare space so she could lay down away from the puppies. I don't think she has learnt her lesson though because I caught her sitting up again this afternoon!

You will see Phoenix is keen to meet the puppies as much as possible, but Kula is still not interested at all. Occasionally she will get her nose a couple of inches away from a puppy if we have it on our lap but then it all gets too much for her and she disappears as quick as she can.

Shadow's big mistake (left). Phoenix gets some more nosy time (right).