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Day 15 - The girls

posted 22 Apr 2010, 00:29 by Carole McNie   [ updated 22 Apr 2010, 01:39 ]
The puppies are doing very well at the moment. They are playing much more in between feeds and sleeps and start to come towards us if we talk to them. The most inquisitive at the moment are Flotsam, Tiny and Thumper, although all have their moments when they are more lively. Flotsam seems to be the one who is practising her barking most regularly. Trinity has just had a 3 or 4 minute play with Shadow, trying to jump up to her face and barking at her. Quite cute!

Trinity and Maximus, who have had abscesses in their necks, seem to be doing really well now. They will both be on antibiotics for a few more days but we have left the rest of them to see whether they will get the same "bug". The lab result came back inconclusive. The vet thinks that they have had a throat infection which has gone into their lymph glands in their necks where the abscesses have formed. It's possible that this has been contracted from Shadow, who seemed to be a little off colour for a couple of days last week, but we can't be certain. Suffice to say that at this stage it seems to just be a bacterial infection which has been fixed with antibiotics and shouldn't have any further effect.

There may be a limited number of photos on the website in the next couple of days due to someone in my household (not me) using up all our allocated broadband for the month, so we are now on dial up. Someone, who shall be nameless, JEFF, is going to suffer!

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Trinity playing with Shadow.

The three girls are posing here today. Trinity / Flotsam / Tiny.

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