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Day 16 - The boys

posted 22 Apr 2010, 16:32 by Carole McNie   [ updated 23 Apr 2010, 02:02 ]
The puppies are growing more and more alert as each day goes by. They are definitely beginning to be interested in exploring their surroundings, each other, Shadow and us.

Last night they had a bit of moonlit fun. All the puppies were asleep in a pile and then at some stage during the evening they woke up and started to practise their voices. We crept in to watch. They looked so funny. It was almost as if they would give each other a fright because one would bark and the others would be listening and some would jump. Then another puppy would try its voice. All of this was done from a laying down position with their heads up as if they were a bit frightened of what was happening but were interested. Then after a while one decided to try growling and then some of the others followed suit. All had slightly different voices and some didn't try a growl. That's probably
a more complicated noise.

The boys are pictured here having a bit of fun and posing:

(click to enlarge photos)
Spartacus having a rest (left). Xerxes sleeping with a friend (right).

Thumper and Maximus playing together.

From left to right: Maximus, Xerxes, Thumper, Spartacus (left). Spartacus, Thumper, Xerxes, Maximus (right).

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