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Day 17 - Trinity and Maximus

posted 24 Apr 2010, 01:11 by Carole McNie   [ updated 26 Apr 2010, 00:11 ]
Today we feature Trinity and Maximus together as they were the puppies that got sick. Both of them are well now and both are really keen to come to us when we wake the puppies.

Trinity has shown braveness. Phoenix was sniffing Trinity when she was on my lap and Trinity stopped, thought about it for a moment and then, in her biggest voice, barked at Phoenix! I'm not sure what she said but it sounded rude and Phoenix decided not to mess with her!

Maximus is always one of the first to greet us at the moment and seems to be a happy chappy. Both of these puppies have a bit of catching up to do in weight, but are doing a good job now.

I have decided that the puppies are all getting more wordy every time they wake up from another sleep. Just now they have been really growling and play fighting with each other... trying to bite legs, ears, anything that they can get hold of.

If you are coming to visit the puppies, any spare newspapers that you have would be appreciated. I need as much as I can get.

(click to enlarge photos)
Trinity (left) and Maximus (right) posing!

Maximus practices his pressups (left). Trinity is much more chilled out about her exercise regime! (right)

Maximus plays with his toy (left). Trinity poses yet again (right).

Trinity and Maximus yawning - Maximus was getting bored at this point (left). Maximus playing with Shadow (right).

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