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Day 21 - Real food!

posted 28 Apr 2010, 02:26 by Carole McNie
Today the puppies got their first taste of solid (or part solid) food. They were only partially interested in this, especially when I couldn't get Shadow out of the room and they were preferring to see if they could get her to feed them. However, they had three tasters today and I am sure will be more keen tomorrow.

They also had their first foray into the lounge in the pen. They were a bit wary to start off with. Tiny was the most bold, tentatively wandering around the perimeter of the pen to see what was there.

(click to enlarge photos)
Tiny gets her first taste of real food (left). Puppies make a mess with their meal. (right)

Back to mum's milk, yum! (left). In the pen in the lounge (right).

Below is a video of Spartacus, Flotsam and Thumper. Spartacus is the clown who barked, fell over, backed up and sat down looking as if to say "Who did that?".

YouTube Video

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