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Day 22 - Happy Shadow

posted 28 Apr 2010, 21:02 by Carole McNie   [ updated 28 Apr 2010, 23:15 ]
Today I decided to take Shadow for a longer walk than just the 10 minutes round the local field. We went to Cornish Street to give her the option of having a swim if she wanted, and she did. She was overjoyed to be out and about. In fact, she seems to be quite happy today, playing tug of war with Phoenix as well which she hasn't done for a while. This is a game that they used to play most days before Shadow was pregnant.

(click to enlarge photos)
Shadow joyfully running after a swim (left). The girls waiting for the stick to be thrown (right).

Below video of Phoenix and Shadow playing tug of war. Guess who normally wins!

YouTube Video

Also today the puppies were more keen for their new food. See below for video of them tucking in. It's good to have your sound up quite loud so you can hear the little noises that they make. Also, a sweet photo of Flotsam and Maximus playing together. Flotsam is on the left, upside down.

YouTube Video

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