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Day 24 - More security fencing required

posted 30 Apr 2010, 13:54 by Carole McNie   [ updated 1 May 2010, 00:29 ]
Last night and first thing this morning we had more escapees! We had Shadow outside the whelping box last evening feeding a few of the puppies. Maximus was included in these. As they fell asleep they were put back into the whelping box. Maximus had duly fed and fallen asleep but a strange thing happened. Flotsam was the last puppy to have a feed and as soon as she was put on Shadow, Maximus popped up sniffing the air and turning circles as if he hadn't been fed for hours (let alone a few minutes ago) and proceeded to frantically clamber over the front of the whelping box to Shadow. However, having got there, he fed for about 10 seconds and then went off wandering. We put him back on her in case he had forgotten what he had made that massive effort for, but the same thing, he went a wandering again. So he was labelled as a fraud and promptly put back in the whelping box where he fell asleep. My personal opinion is that he was sleep walking really!

This morning we had two escapees before we got up, so the decision has been made to put the second plank of wood up as we can't trust the puppies to stay put any more. They really are growing up and I can see they are going to get up to a bit of mischief!
  Rumour has it that the "Over the Wall Committee" has been disbanded and replaced by a new "Tunnelling Committee". We'll wait and see what happens next!

(click to enlarge photos)
Maximus makes a break for food! (left). Second barrier goes up (right).

The three girls (left to right) Trinity, Flotsam, Tiny

Below video of Flotsam in what looked to us like a very uncomfy sleeping position, but she stayed there for quite a while. Listen to her struggling to breathe.

YouTube Video

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