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Day 26 - The puppies discover meat!

posted 2 May 2010, 21:13 by Carole McNie
Today the puppies got their first meal of raw meat. Yesterday I hand fed them a tiny bit each and they seemed to be pretty keen on that. So today they got a dish full - and boy was there a bun fight for it! Shadow usually waits patiently for the leftovers of the milky meal that the puppies have, but she has been disappointed today. No leftovers from the meat - plate licked clean and almost begging for more. Perhaps the "Over the Wall Committee" have sanctioned meat as being good for growth so another breakout could happen in the not too distant future. Thumper just managed to get his toes over the top board today. If they work as a team and one gets under him and gives him a boost up he may be the first one up and over the new/improved security wall. I'll have to keep an eye on that!

Shadow now turns up to feed a bit like the ice cream van that comes to your street. She jumps into the whelping box, has a whole load of puppies queuing up for a feed and then hops out again afterwards. However, the look on her face below suggests that feeding this hungry lot is not so much fun now. They definitely have TEETH!

(click to enlarge photos)

The milk station doesn't stop for long now!

The "Over the Wall Committee" hard at work perfecting their technique. Thumper (left) and Xerxes (right).

Below - opps, this is what happens when you feed raw meat - cute puppies turn into monsters!

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