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Day 28 - Crisis for the "Over the Wall Committee"

posted 4 May 2010, 23:43 by Carole McNie   [ updated 5 May 2010, 00:39 ]
A crisis has struck the "Over the Wall Committee". Some members are just not taking their role seriously. Poor Thumper, who is taking his role in the committee very seriously indeed, played his part nicely the other night - getting his feet over the top board and waiting for a leg up from two other members - Trinity and Maximus. However, these two renegades seemed to be intent on sabotaging the escape plan rather than helping out, feeling that their new found "Fight Committee" was MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the escape plan. See video footage below.

YouTube Video

Back to more important items - the puppies have had their second worm tablet today. This was taken first thing this morning wrapped in mince. Not one of them objected and, in fact, not one of them even noticed they had taken medication, tee hee, fooled them all! They also spent more time outside today. However, due to the fact that the camera ran out of battery power, there are limited photos of today. The photos below were taken over the past couple of days.
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Trinity - sleeping beauty (left). Tiny decided to try some glasses out for size but then fell straight to sleep when they were put on (right).

Thumper, Spartacus and Flotsam decided to audition for the new "Fight Committee" but didn't realise that no-one was watching - they were all on feed duty! However, practice makes perfect doesn't it?

Video below. Watch out for Spartacus' little play leaps at the end - so cute - but won't get him any points as an attack dog and possibly won't help him in his quest to join the "Fight Committee"!

YouTube Video

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