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Day 29 - Pups get hungrier (is that a word?)

posted 5 May 2010, 22:35 by Carole McNie
Today the puppies have really taken to the solid food. Breakfast and lunch they had two bowls of food, but as they ate that up so quickly and hungrily I thought I'd try three bowls for the evening meal - well that all went too, much to Shadow's disappointment as she usually finishes up what they don't eat.

Lunch was rather pleasant. The puppies spent about an hour outside and had lunch out there which meant that it was easy clean up as Shadow and Phoenix licked the grass when the pups had finished.

(click to enlarge photos)
Tiny, Xerxes, Spartacus and Maximus (left). Trinity and Xerxes (right).

Maximus enjoying the sun.

Flotsam puts in more training in laundry duties (left). Two puppies decide to catch up on the news (right) - only problem is that's the Daily Mail from UK in January!

Other News

Tiny has been given full membership to the "Fight Committee" for her heroic effort of coming at me, full tilt, from a metre away on the grass and taking me out. No mean feat for one so small but I was totally floored! Unfortunately no photo was available of this event as I had the camera in my hand at the time and I had to abandon it at the last minute for self preservation!

Below is a video of Maximus and one other unidentified puppy getting "Fight Committee" training as it was thought that they were not aggressive enough to belong. They have since been reassessed and been given membership.

YouTube Video

Thumper mistakenly thought it would be worth reforming the "Tunnelling Committee", but after a half-hearted attempt at this (see video below) he has given up. 

YouTube Video

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