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Day 2 puppy photos

posted 7 Apr 2010, 18:15 by Carole McNie   [ updated 7 Apr 2010, 22:43 ]
Shadow and the puppies are doing very well. They can be pretty noisy at times but are very contented most of the time. Shadow is exceedingly protective with her puppies and in her own way tries to tell me that she doesn't want me to pick up her puppy if I do. She tries to nudge my hand out of the way with her nose sometimes. Also, if the puppies whine, she whines back to them and seems very worried when they are whining. It looks like she is going to be a very good mum.

Phoenix is very interested in the puppies and looks like she can't wait until they are old enough to play with. Kula, on the other hand, has decided to be very disinterested in the goings on except on very occasional moments. I think she knows what it is all about as she has been there, done that, and knows how much work it is so doesn't want to get involved!

I would like to give thanks to my son, Nigel, who stayed up all night and helped with the whelping. He gee'd Shadow along at the right time, took care of puppies that needed keeping warm and generally kept us company.

Here are some photos of the puppies in the order that they were born:

First male - born 10pm Tuesday 6 April in the lounge (to the disgust of son, Peter. In his words, "They came racing into the lounge
after the dog who promptly s... a puppy out in front of the couch and all while I was eating my tea!
). 430g. Marked blue tip of tail.

Was born back feet first, face up. Very difficult birth. Raced all round the house and garden for this one and Sandy was responsible for getting this one out.
However, once out he was very busy, feeding and/or moving around for all the rest of the births. Gold colouring.

Second male - born 11.40pm Tuesday 6 April in the whelping room but on the only little corner of floor that wasn't covered with tarpaulin! 430g. Marked blue base of tail.
Again, this one was born back feet first, face up and Shadow needed a lot of help getting this one out. Pale gold colouring.

First female - born 11.55pm Tuesday 6 April down the end of the garden. 343g. Marked red back of neck.
As Shadow had only just had the previous puppy and after two quite stressful births, it was decided that I should take her out for a pee.
I went on my own, no coat but a headlamp that I had in my hand as I wasn't expecting to be long. And in fact I wasn't. What I didn't think was that in 5 minutes I would
be returning to the house with a puppy in my hands!
Shadow went down onto the first bit of lawn and I heard a noise and thought I had better check her. She had already raced further down the garden heading
to the dog run. I caught up with her just as she got to the gate and lifted her tail and there was a bag hanging out. I was too far from the house to call for help
so I put the headlamp on my head and just managed to catch the puppy as she came out.
Obviously this wasn't the best place to have a puppy and it was pretty cold, so I got Shadow to lick her quickly and then ran back to the house.
The others who were inside were pretty surprised when I turned up with her. Gold colouring.

Third male - born 12.40am Wednesday 7 April in the whelping room but still on the floor. 460g. Marked blue middle of back.
Shadow was much more calm with this one although still didn't want to get in the whelping box with the other puppies. Pale gold colouring.

Second female - born 1.05am Wednesday 7 April still in the whelping room on the floor. 400g. Marked red base of tail.
This puppy is very dark and lively. Gold colouring.

Fourth male - born 2.05am Wednesday 7 April actually in the whelping box - yeah. 380g. Marked blue neck.
Very sweet boy. Gold colouring.

Third female - born 4.25am Wednesday 7 April in the whelping box. 330g. Marked red tip of tail.
This puppy came after the puppy that died. She also looked dead at birth, but after working on her for several minutes she took a breath and we heaved a sign of relief.
Shadow was worried about her but she is doing well now. Medium gold colouring.

Shadow with her litter today.