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Day 30 - Profiling the girls

posted 7 May 2010, 00:40 by Carole McNie   [ updated 8 May 2010, 00:34 ]
Today we profile the three girls, Trinity, Flotsam and Tiny.

(click to enlarge photos)
Trinity is a loving, gentle pup who is very happy, loves to be close to people
and nibble at you (unlike some who just want to take your arm off).
She is very sweet natured but occasionally can get quite feisty.

Flotsam is keen to come and see you.
Easy to wind up - just rub her back and listen to her growl!
She is also quite capable of holding her own in a fight against the boys.

Tiny is a bold puppy who doesn't mind exploring on her own.
She was the first one to wander a distance around the garden and has been the most keen to play with Phoenix.
She also wants to follow us if we get up and move away.

She is very good at coming when called.

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