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Day 33 - "Over the Wall Committee" disbanded

posted 9 May 2010, 17:21 by Carole McNie
Well, if you saw last night's video you will understand why Thumper has decided to disband the "Over the Wall Committee". Everyone played as individuals and there was absolutely no teamwork and therefore no chance that anyone was going to get out. Thumper was well upset by this performance, although he was also not doing any teamwork so shouldn't really be complaining. The good news is that the "Tunnelling Committee" is back on and there is also the possibility of a "Through the Fence Committee" being established too. See photos below.

(click to enlarge photos)
The "Tunnelling Committee" was not caught on video, but Thumper is showing sure signs that it is back in action again (left).
Trinity practising for the "Through the Fence Committee" (right).

Tucking into a nice bone (left). Shadow shares a drink with puppies (right). Guess who the front puppy is?

Below some videos of puppies in various activities - paper fun, tummy tickle and galloping around. The last one shows the puppies in the run in the garage which is where they will reside permanently in the not too distant future. Watch out for the sideways canter at the end!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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