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Day 34 - A sunny day in Wellington

posted 11 May 2010, 01:23 by Carole McNie
Well, after having been a bit rude about the rarity of lovely days in Wellington previously, I have to eat my words because we have had some super days and today was yet another cracker. Full sun all day long with NO wind - just wonderful. Ideal for puppies to be let out to play. They have been outside pretty much all day today - from 10.30am to 4pm - getting up to the usual mischief.

The "Tunnelling Committee" consists of one puppy at the moment - guess who? Yes, Thumper dumper! He has been busy burrowing all day long but still can't fit through his hole ... and he has been having trouble recruiting more paws to help with the digging. However, he seems happy to soldier on alone.

Below is a video of Thumper's tunnelling efforts. You will note that at one point in the video, someone else turned up and tried to fit through the hole but was unable to, got bored and went away.

YouTube Video

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Phoenix and puppy at play (left). How many dogs in this photo? (right).

The video below shows Phoenix playing with Thumper first (watch the wagging tail) and Flotsam, and then Xerxes entering the game later (and also competing for waggiest tail). Note Thumper's 360 degree roll which, he assures me, was a planned act.

YouTube Video

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