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Day 36 - The day it rained!

posted 13 May 2010, 00:57 by Carole McNie
As the weather was relatively warm last night it was decided to leave the puppies in the garage overnight for the first time. I spent a sleepless night as it rained some time after midnight and I was worried that the pups would be frightened of the noise on the roof of the garage as it is very noisy there when it rains and also when it is windy. But I managed to resist the desire to go and check on them. Instead I let Shadow out around 1am as I heard a dog bark and I don't know whether it was her or one of the puppies (or perhaps it was in my mind...!). Anyway, I had to call her back in about half an hour later otherwise I would fall asleep and she would be outside all night (wouldn't be the first time that has happened). It rained on and off a few more times and I finally got up around 5.45am to let big dogs out and go and see the pups. Well, lo and behold, they were all still alive, snuggled in the crate together. They came rushing out with all the normal excitement of first thing in the morning.

However, the weather was not all that nice today but around 11am I decided to put them outside again as it wasn't actually raining at that time and was quite warm. They gaily bounded round the garden as usual, played with Phoenix, fed from Shadow (not in that order mind you) and generally had fun. They go into the dog shed to sleep but before that happened they started to play in Shadow's and Thumper's digging hole. It started to rain and for a couple of minutes they all suddenly had a silly fit. There were about six puppies in the hole, some tipped upside down and stuck, some running round like silly things and some trying to dig. Then Shadow turned up and had a silly fit (I've no idea what happened and why they all went crazy) and she started to dig too. Unfortunately the camera was inside so I was unable to catch the action, but I am sure that Shadow was trying to show them all the proper way to dig a tunnel. At least Thumper has more recruits for the "Tunnelling Committee" now and I am sure there will be progress on this in future.

Below is a video of a slightly earlier "Tunnelling Committee" effort. Note Flotsam who stayed on the deck and gave orders and then ran away to do some paperwork. She is obviously the brains of the committee, while Thumper is leader of the brawn.

YouTube Video

(click to enlarge photos)
Like mother, like son!

Group "Grass Eating Committee" meeting (left). How many pups in this photo (right).
P.S. There were six dogs in the photo a couple of days ago.

Below video of Xerxes still competing in the waggiest tail competition. Seen here playing with Phoenix and Trinity.

YouTube Video

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