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Day 38 - Toys and biting

posted 15 May 2010, 00:22 by Carole McNie
The puppies are no longer fun to sit in with - they bite too hard! Now is the challenge to stop them biting things that they shouldn't be biting (like us). They have also discovered toys today. Although they have played with them on and off occasionally, this morning they all seemed to want to play with all the toys - biting them, shaking them, rolling them around etc.

(click to enlarge photos)
Flotsam with toys (both pics).

Maximus with ball (left), Spartacus with toy (right).

Thumper with keys (left), Trinity, Flotsam and another pup playing (right).

YouTube Video

The big dogs were out at play today (see video below) - except for grandma Kula who still won't come anywhere near the puppies (see photo below) even though Shadow was trying to egg her on.

Note in the video below Flotsam who is keen to get in on the action towards the end.

YouTube Video

How many dogs in the photo below? There were 4 in Day 36 photo.
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