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Day 39 - First puppy to be picked

posted 15 May 2010, 22:41 by Carole McNie
Today was an exciting day for the puppies. The first boy puppy was going to be picked and so they were all very excited all day long. We had to call in a personal trainer this morning to get them fit and ready for their selection. The video below shows Jeff (their personal trainer) giving them an early morning jogging workout before breakfast.

YouTube Video

And below, photo of pups practising their (teeth) strengthening exercises on Jeff.
(click to enlarge photos)

Next they went outside where Phoenix took over the exercising regime and did more jogging practice along with yet again more teeth strengthening (see video/photo below).

YouTube Video

Training having been completed, they had to wait until it was nearly dark before the prospective owners came. Xerxes thought the best way to win a heart was to be exceedingly sleepy and just doze off in people's arms (and that nearly worked). Thumper did his usual busy, keen act. Spartacus tried a few of his playful leaps. But when it came down to it, no-one could beat Maximus's enthusiasm and stamina even at such a late hour of the day. He was awake, prancing around, chasing a toy across the floor and even tried a bark when someone else had been picked up. He was definitely in a "look at me" mood. And it worked. He is the first boy selected for a home and will be living in Lower Hutt, not too far from here. After all that effort, Maximus had to go for a lay down. Jeff is most pleased as Maximus is the puppy that he named right at the beginning when they were born.

Proud Maximus after his selection.

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