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Day 3 puppy photos

posted 9 Apr 2010, 00:44 by Carole McNie   [ updated 9 Apr 2010, 01:01 ]
Shadow is proving to be an extremely caring mum to her puppies. She is still whining at them, especially if she has gone outside and then come back inside and they are all asleep. She is not really happy until she has woken them all up and they are feeding or she is cuddling them between her front paws again. She has not been so hungry today although I have discovered that she is still excavating under one of the trees by the back door. I hope she is not planning to take her puppies out to her "nest".

The male marked middle of the back found his voice today - he can sure bark!

While we had the puppies in a basket today, Phoenix got to check them out. She is so keen and wants to love them. Kula on the other hand would not even look into the basket!