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Day 40 - New investigations

posted 17 May 2010, 00:39 by Carole McNie   [ updated 17 May 2010, 00:53 ]
The puppies were all excited, as usual, to get out into the garden this morning. See the video below to witness the mad rush.

YouTube Video

The unusual thing about today (other than the fact that the pups all ran outside perfectly - we normally lose one or two along the way!) was that although they have been playing in the garden for nearly two weeks now, today is the first day that they decided to go right to the end of the garden. Up to now they have stayed in one area but it seems as though they got up this morning thinking, let's go explore. So they do literally change from day to day.

We had to leave the pups this afternoon while we went out for half an hour and in that time it rained. When we came home all except one puppy had clearly had a bit of fun in the rain! Of course they are goldens so are not put off by a bit of wet.
Unfortunately the camera was out of battery again and so limited photos tonight.

(click to enlarge photos)
All on Jeff (silly him for getting in the crate!) (left). Proud pup but unfortunately I can't identify this one, though it could be Tiny (right).

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