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Day 42 - Vaccination day

posted 19 May 2010, 01:20 by Carole McNie
Today the puppies had their first vaccination and health check.

First we had to pack them in the car.

(click to enlarge photos)

Then we drove to the vet - bit wobbly in the car!

YouTube Video

We had two "events" in the car on the way to the vet - slammed on the brakes, rushed round to the back of the car and cleared up newspaper before anyone trod in said "events"! Arrived safely at the vet and proceeded with checkups. We were lucky that the pups were actually very sleepy. We had woken them up to put them in the car and so they weren't really buzzing at the vet.

(click to enlarge photos)
Ear check (left). Teeth check (right).

Tummy check (left). Weigh in (right).


Xerxes was very laid back for his check up but he actually surprised us all weighing in as the heaviest puppy.

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Then it was back home again. Two more "events" in the car on the way home, but these were from the other end, both on the winding road up Maungaraki, so hardly surprising.

The vet said that the pups might be a little quiet after their shot - yeah right! (See videos below.) Thumper and Spartacus decided to try and destroy my shoe and the "Pull the Tail off the Big Dog Committee" was in full swing! However, it was felt that too many were distracting the big dog and not enough members were pulling the tail!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

P.S. There were 6 dogs in yesterday's photo.

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