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Day 45 - Thumper off the "Tunnelling Committee"

posted 22 May 2010, 03:08 by Carole McNie
This weekend has been a big weekend for Thumper - he has been "chosen". He was so excited this morning when he woke up and he was wagging his tail and smiling after being selected for a home last night. However, this means nothing but a tremendous amount of work for Thumper. He is going to Hawera to live in a house with two other boy goldens who are obedience dogs, and who think they do pretty well in competition. Thumper has told me he is forming an "Obedience Committee" as soon as he gets to his new home and will be instructing his mates on how to do better. He will be training his new owner as well as rumour has it that she needs some guidance too! So life is going to be hard work for this puppy, but as he has been the most industrious, organised puppy in the litter, I am sure he will flourish in his new home.

The puppies have outgrown their last feed bowl now and so have had to upgrade to a new red bowl. In fact, even that might not last too long and we might have to split the feeding into two bowls soon.

(click to enlarge photos)
Awake and raring to go (left). New feed bowl (right).

Below, video of puppies playing with toys.

YouTube Video

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