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Day 47 - It's raining again!

posted 23 May 2010, 02:37 by Carole McNie   [ updated 24 May 2010, 03:32 ]
The rain has fallen and the puppies have got wet, muddy and had a great amount of fun. The "Tunnelling Committee" is doing fine without Thumper. In fact, see the video below. They tunnelled, got stuck, dug some more, tried pulling a tail - oh yes, it was all on!

YouTube Video

(click to enlarge photos)
View from our deck at lunch time today!
Flotsam (left). Trinity (right).
Xerxes peeping (left). How did those puppies squeeze under there? (right).

We have bad news and good news today. The bad news is that my Mother's Day present from my son, which was a toy for the puppies!!! has just about had it (see below left). However, the good news is that another toy jumped into my basket at Countdown today and said it wanted to come home to be monstered by my puppies! So here he is (below right). Meet Mr Squiggy.

More good news is that Flotsam has been training to help with the clean up in the mornings. The video below shows her trying to master the art of the dustpan. She hasn't quite got the hang of it yet but at least she is trying!

YouTube Video

Shadow has been very worn out with looking after her puppies, but she has been doing such a wonderful job it is hard to resist when she wants a bit of a cuddle.

Did you get the number of puppies and people in the photo last night correct? There were seven puppies and two people! How many of you counted six puppies? Did you see the two little feet sticking out from under one of the other puppies?

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