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Day 48 - The four boys and their homes

posted 25 May 2010, 01:48 by Carole McNie
The four boy puppies all know the homes they are going to now and they all seem thrilled with the prospect of their new lives with their new families. Only another week or so to go.
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is going to Wanganui to live on 2 acres of land with lots of assorted animals, including a small bitser dog. He says it may take him a bit of time to get them all under control, but thinks a couple of weeks will do it. He's looking forward to scaring the sheep a bit!

is going to a home in Wainuiomata to be a companion to a female golden who recently lost her best friend, a lovely labrador called Willow. He says that if she is as beautiful as he has heard, then its going to take no time at all for him to cheer her up and create a little mischief in her and her family's lives.

is going to an obedience home in Hawera to live with two other boy goldens and owner. He is setting up his "Obedience Committee" as soon as he gets there and is confident he will have the household restored to order by the end of the first week.

is going to a home in the Hutt Valley where he will be the only (and top) dog. He has told me he reckons he will have his family wrapped around his little toe by the end of day one!

The other news of the day is that it is still raining. Bucketing down in fact. I was really lucky to get the puppies outside for an hour or so at lunch time. However, some of us have never really experienced a puddle before. See video below for Flotsam and Spartacus' reaction to a puddle when they walked in it. They definitely moved faster when they were out of the water.

YouTube Video

We can lick each other's muddy noses (left). Trinity was the muddiest (right).

We have migrated to two feed bowls for meals now as things were getting a bit wordy when there was only one. Some puppies' heads were just getting too big to fit!

And last but not least today, we have yet another video of Maximus barking. However, he has been developing a new party trick - bark and fall over backwards at the same time! He seems to have mastered it pretty well already!

YouTube Video

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