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Day 49 - Chicken necks and shopping

posted 26 May 2010, 22:37 by Carole McNie
We thought the weather was going to prevent the pups going outside today but we were lucky. We got them outside first thing in the morning when there was no wind and not a lot of rain and they were able to stay outside until just after lunch. They had chicken necks for morning tea and as you will see from the video below, they don't waste time enjoying them - just snatch, gobble, swallow. It took just 45 seconds for them to be eaten.

YouTube Video

Flotsam decided to help with the shopping - although apart from dragging the bag around the floor I am not totally sure that she knew what she was doing.
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Thumper had a bit of a day - firstly he tried to get close to Kula - not a good idea (see video).

YouTube Video

Thumper then had a bit of fun with Shadow and also agreed to pose for a photo after he had been groomed. However, he was a bit worn out by then and couldn't stop his tongue from hanging out!
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