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Day 51 - Stir crazy!

posted 28 May 2010, 00:23 by Carole McNie
Oh boy, another typical stormy Wellington winter's day. The only bonus was that it didn't rain quite as hard as yesterday, although most of the day it was at least spitting. The puppies were going stir crazy though. They hadn't really been outside yesterday and last night they had created mischief in the garage by tearing up all the paper, pulling the blankets out of the crate, spilling the water (although that last event usually happens most days) and generally being naughty. So this morning, when let out of the pen, they were all over the place in the garage, getting into everything. When they were put back in the pen they were lively and looking like they needed 10 minutes on a treadmill.

At about 10.30am, although it was pretty foul outside, it was decided to put them out as the rain was fairly light.

(click to enlarge photos)

Pups right at the end of the garden (left). Puppies in the tree (right).

After playing outside and getting cold and wet, puppies get a dry off with the towel.

Now I know the answer to a couple of questions - why my slippers don't fit me any more and why they are always wet when I go to put them back on in the mornings - see video below for the new "Puppy Slipper Stretching Committee". Also, we have trouble finding my slippers in the mornings as well - I wonder why?

YouTube Video

This next video shows another new committee at work - the "Drag a Human into our Secret Hidey Hole and Torture Him Committee". The particular form of torture intended for this victim (Jeff, who else!) was to be the "Wrap Him in Plastic" torture. However, the puppies just couldn't work together as a team to get the plastic into the right place. They spent the whole time tugging in different directions and after the video stopped the victim escaped.

YouTube Video

And last but not least, the puppies were all given a chew to eat today. However, Thumper ate his very quickly (in fact I think he may have swallowed it whole!) and then wanted to pinch everyone else's. Consequently, he had to be banned from the pen while the others chewed at a more leisurely rate. The video below shows him desperate to get back in and guess who was barking at him from inside?

YouTube Video

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