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Day 52 - Industrious puppies

posted 28 May 2010, 23:24 by Carole McNie   [ updated 29 May 2010, 02:08 ]
Today started in a quite unusual fashion. After going into the garage for the normal morning "hello", I was standing at the side of the pen patting the puppies who were all jumping up and down as usual, when suddenly there was one puppy on the wrong side of the pen - Thumper of course! Both he and I looked at each other in bewilderment as neither of us quite knew how this had happened. Anyway, it didn't matter because all the puppies are let out in the morning so it just meant Thumper was ahead of the pack.

As a bad weather day was predicted yet again we let the puppies out first thing as it wasn't raining and it wasn't windy. They raced around the garden, had breakfast, had a feed from Shadow and then played with her for the next 20-30 minutes. By the time I got to go back inside I was absolutely frozen, but had had such good fun watching the puppies and Shadow playing. The puppies seemed to have formed a new committee - the "Get the Big Dog Down and Keep Her Down Committee". However, The Big Dog had an answer to that and soon got back up again even with three big puppies on top of her. I can't help thinking that it will be a good job that she will be down to one puppy this time next week as that is about all she will be able to control by then.

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Shadow had a stick and the puppies wanted it!

Some washing was put out with the puppies helping with that. Unfortunately, due to the muddy ground, by the time most of the washing got on the line, it was dirty again. That's the sort of help we got. Oh well, nothing a bit of a brush off won't fix when it's dry.

However, I had real hope that they were going to be of help with the washing from now on, but not so. The video below shows that interest in things laundry only go so far as to putting and taking puppies in and out of the laundry basket. Spartacus was in the basket and eventually managed to get out, more by accident than skill, and then suddenly Trinity was in. It's like magic really...

YouTube Video

Trinity in the laundry basket. (Don't ask why she has a piece of paper hanging out of her mouth! Only she would know the reason for that.)

And just when I thought the puppies were going to help with the cleanup in the morning, I discover that all they are really doing is trying to drag another victim (in this case the broom was stand in for a human) into their hidey hole for a bit of plastic torture. However, the
"Drag a Human into our Secret Hidey Hole and Torture Him Committee" is not working very well at all as seen in this latest video. Firstly, the puppies couldn't all pull together to get the broom into the hole and then there seemed to be an altercation with the plastic again in the background. I think this committee is in chaos at the moment!

YouTube Video

Tiny (left). Xerxes (right)

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