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Day 54 - Judgement day for the girls

posted 31 May 2010, 02:29 by Carole McNie   [ updated 31 May 2010, 18:11 ]
Today was the BIG day for the girls. One of them was going to discover if she had drawn the short straw and would end up staying here to become a show dog - to be prettied up all the time, trimmed, stacked, groomed, tidied etc etc, day in, day out. She would also have to live with grumpy granny Kula as well as Phoenix and Shadow. This is going to be a hard life.

So the pups were up bright and early and raring to go.

(click to enlarge photos)
In the car, ready to go.

Oops, result of being in a moving vehicle for too long is a new committee being formed - the "Clean Up the Sick Committee".

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Poor Maximus (above) and one other puppy had to have a bath when they got to Otaki due to other inconsiderate puppies being sick on them. The first puppy that was sick was not spotted so we don't know who that was, but true to form, once the car had come to a halt at our destination and I was waiting for the gate to be opened, Thumper decided that this would be a good time to throw his breakfast up all over someone! I could have understood this if the car had still been moving, but we had come to a complete stop and had been stopped for a minute or two!

Puppies waiting for their assessment.

All the puppies were assessed and the whole litter was found to be beautiful (of course). However, we had to find a female for our family and after a lot of discussion Flotsam turned out to be "The One". She is to be renamed "Sherry" and was annointed with said alcohol on her forehead when we got home. Due to the upset tums on the way there, the puppies weren't fed lunch and we had a successful trip back home and a car load of extremely hungry puppies as by then it was 4.45pm.

The other two female puppies now have homes. Both are going to Upper Hutt and Trinity met her new best friends again tonight and she was exceedingly pleased to see them. Tiny will be going to a lovely family on Wednesday and will be the first puppy to leave us.

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