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Day 56 - And then there were five!

posted 2 Jun 2010, 00:53 by Carole McNie
Today we said goodbye to Tiny and Spartacus. Tiny has become Amber and Spartacus has become Murphy or "Murph". Both are settling well in their new homes with their new families and I hope to see them again in the not too distant future.

The day started as usual with bedlam around the garage. See below for the pups' last "7-pup" garage raid. It will be harder for five to get up to so much mischief!

YouTube Video

Then there was a last breakfast together...

(click to enlarge photos)

Unfortunately the weather was terrible so they didn't get outside until around 11am. Amber was picked up around 12 noon and when I went outside to get her I couldn't believe the mess. All the puppies were soaked and muddy up to their ears! I had to quickly rush her indoors to give her a dry off with a towel as I couldn't possibly hand her over in that state. Shortly afterwards all the other puppies were brought inside and given a dry with the towel. Well, at least I tried - towel drying always ends up with a fight for the towel and a tug of war.

Then there were six (partially dried with the towel).

Murphy left us at lunch time and he looked so happy to be in his new owner's car - he looked right at home.

Meanwhile, the other five are still playing, fighting and generally causing all sorts of mischief back here. We didn't get them back outside again as the garden is absolutely sodden, but they are happy inside. How many puppies are in the video below? They don't seem to notice if the lights go out if they are fighting each other!

YouTube Video

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