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Day 6 - Who's the biggest and soppiest?

posted 12 Apr 2010, 22:09 by Carole McNie   [ updated 12 Apr 2010, 22:21 ]
This time last week we didn't know what a night we were going to be in for - I shudder when I even think about it! However, we are over the first week and relatively successfully as far as I can see.

All week Spartacus and Thumper have been vying for the heaviest puppy title. Today Spartacus has risen to the top (but it will probably be Thumper tomorrow). I think Thumper's slip is due to the fact that he has been heard crying today but when I go to see him, he is just laying there crying. He is not crying because he is hungry and trying to get to mum. When I picked him up this afternoon he just fell asleep on my neck. That was all he wanted, a cuddle. He is obviously going to be a big softie!

Some more photos for you to enjoy:
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