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Day 7 - Drunk in charge of Mum

posted 14 Apr 2010, 00:39 by Carole McNie   [ updated 14 Apr 2010, 00:57 ]
The puppies are still doing extremely well and are spending more time asleep when they are full of milk from Shadow. This is a really great time to pick one up and go and sit in the lounge having a cuddle, listening to music, watching t.v. or just quietly relaxing. Shadow is having two walks a day out on the park that our property backs on to. However, she knows when we are taking Phoenix and Kula further afield and it is quite challenging to get out of the house without her knowing. In fact, it is pretty much impossible. She has also taken to giving one woof if she wants us to come and release her from her brood so she can go outside or have food or just join in the general household fun.

By the way, Spartacus and Thumper are now both on level terms as biggest puppy again!

One minute they're feeding, then next they're drunk and have nodded off on the job!
How cute is this cuddle - Maximus and Shadow? Beautiful flowers sent by my Mum in England to celebrate the puppies. What a lovely surprise.