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Day 9 - Featuring Thumper

posted 15 Apr 2010, 21:56 by Carole McNie
Day 9 started with Thumper in bed with us! How did that happen? Well, he was making a fuss but not looking for food or even trying to get around the whelping box. This is becoming quite a normal state of affairs for Thumper. He is a cuddler and that is all he wants. Pick him up and he settles in for a smooch.  And there you have it, another half hour lost to a puppy. However, he is also the one who most often is on his own in the whelping box (same trait that Shadow used to show). He is probably going to be a big softie, but we will see as he grows up. For now, we know that if we ever want a cuddle, Thumper is the one who will be the most keen.

But don't worry about his weight - he must be feeding sometime as he is the equal heaviest puppy again tonight.

Thumper is a pale gold colour and is the only puppy in this litter to have a star on his head (paler patch). This will disappear in time.

(Click to enlarge photos)

Thumper 9 days old (left). Excuse open mouth but that was the end of a yawn... and 1 day old (right).

Thumper second to bottom with some of his litter mates (left) practising their synchronised snoozing! Thumper chooses his own space quite often (right).