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Days 4/5 - Puppies get temporary names

posted 11 Apr 2010, 16:14 by Carole McNie   [ updated 11 Apr 2010, 19:13 ]
The puppies have been given temporary names as I find it too hard to associate them with just their markings. It all started when my son, Jeff, decided on a powerful name for one of the boys that he has got a bit attached to - Maximus. Below here are the markings and names that they have been given:

Male, tip of tail, Xerxes - was a Persian God of Gods (named by Peter).
Male, base of tail, Spartacus - Greek, lovely name.
Female, neck, Trinity - from the film Matrix (named by Rob)
Male, middle of back - Thumper - another of the biggest boys seen to be "thumping" when he's feeding (named by a friend)
Female, base of tail - Flotsam - is most often seen aimlessly floating round the whelping box in the wrong direction, hence Flotsam.
Male, neck -  Maximus - one of the bigger boys, needed a powerful name (according to Jeff).
Female, tip of tail - Tiny - the smallest and last puppy.

Click on photos to enlarge.
Left photo: You should be able to identify the name of each puppy in this photo now.
Centre photo: We just couldn't help but to fall asleep. Soooo tiring being a puppy.
Right photo: Shadow very often has a puppy in between or on her front legs. She seems to like to have them there to cuddle.

Left photo: Phoenix meets a puppy.
Right photo: Phoenix gets to say hello to who?