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Fun with Sherry!

posted 7 Jul 2010, 03:15 by Carole McNie
Sherry has had a busy couple of weeks. Not only does she still play with Amber on a regular basis, but at the weekend she also had Marco round to play for the day. Well, that was full on and it took them a long time before they actually crashed, but it did happen (see photo below videos).

Here are a couple of videos here of Marco and Sherry playing. Note in the first one as soon as a pup squeals, mum Shadow turns up, still looking after her babies!

YouTube Video

I hope you will agree that in this particular video, it shows that Marco is actually a really nasty puppy - trying to take my Sherry's leg off!

YouTube Video

Marco (back) and Sherry (foreground) take time out from play for a nap!
(click to enlarge photo)

Then the following day, Sherry got to go out for the first time for a real walk. We took her to Petone beach where she discovered sea water and waves and what the big dogs do when they are out and about. This day she decided that she didn't want to meet up with a wave (see below)!

YouTube Video

This next video shows how big dogs really play, none of this fussy stuff that two puppies do, you've got to really get in there and growl and put these puppies in their place. Phoenix is Sherry's "dare" dog to play with. Phoenix doesn't take any prisoners but Sherry get's so, so wound up trying to get one over on her. She has a lot to learn because Phoenix is my alpha and both Shadow and Kula have accepted that. Sherry will understand that one day.

YouTube Video

And last but not least, a beautiful photo of the lovely Phoenix, who, although still can see, is clearly definitely having more trouble than before.