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Golden Retriever Christmas Party

posted 13 Nov 2010, 19:40 by Carole McNie   [ updated 14 Nov 2010, 00:29 ]
Today we went to the Golden Retriever Christmas Party and had some great fun.  The weather was much nicer than had been predicted all week and, although it was a bit windy, it didn't really affect us too much.

The dogs were very excited to be going to the Christmas Party and got themselves all dressed up and posed before we left (see below).

(click to enlarge photos)
Left to right Front: Sherry, Phoenix, Kula.  Back: Murphy, Shadow    Murphy poses on his own (right)

Then we were on our way.

On the way to the party in the van.

Once we got there it was fun, fun, fun all the time.  Below is a video of Murphy meeting his new friends for the first time including Kylo who is a sister he hasn't met since they left home at 8 weeks.  He was very interested in her, seemed to know that he recognised this one.

Murphy meets friends

YouTube Video

Murphy meets Tawny (left).  Sherry and Kylo play (right).

The first "event" was pigeon retrieve. Sherry had limited success with the pigeon retrieve, but look at Murphy go in the video below.

Murphy pigeon retrieve

YouTube Video

Sherry pigeon retrieve

YouTube Video

The next event is a rather challenging event for a golden retriever - the sausage retrieve.  I'm not sure that any of them managed to bring the sausage back to their owners today!  Good to see them having a go though.

Kylo sausage retrieve

YouTube Video

Murphy sausage retrieve

YouTube Video

Sherry sausage retrieve

YouTube Video

Then it was time for the humans to have a bit of lunch and the dogs to have another run around.
Follow the leader (Shadow, unknown puppy, Murphy with Sherry in the foreground) (left).  Jeff with Murphy (right).

  Golden family (left to right) Kylo, Teah, Lexi, Phoenix, Murphy, Sherry, Shadow, Kula at back (left).   Shadow and Murphy wait for their turn (right).

The beautiful Phoenix in action (left).  The lovely Shadow in action (right).

Shadow waits (left). Murphy trots off (right).

Murphy, Kylo and Sherry play

YouTube Video

After a bit of lunch it was in to the "Dress up race".  Jeff was videoing this and although he got some of it okay, towards the end I think the fact that he had been awake for over 24 hours started to show and he got the wobbles - however, you get the drift with the film.  Phoenix (who I was dressing up) is absolutely wonderful because she doesn't move an inch and just waits patiently and then trots along after me without a lead to tag the other participant. 

Shadow waits with Rob for her turn at the dress up race.

YouTube Video

After this race we spent a little bit of time playing with the agility equipment and then it was time to go home.  However, another bit of exciting news for the afternoon was that Marco was in Porirua with his owner attending a seminar and so we popped along to see him on the way home.  He had been banished from the car because he was in the process of eating it, but we got Shadow, Sherry and Murphy to come along and meet him outside.

Marco poses (left).  Marco, Shadow, Sherry and Murphy (right).

After that meeting it was home for a rest.  All the dogs were pretty bushed and found sheltered spots to lie in around the house/deck.  Sherry and Murphy were especially worn out.  It had been a big day for them.
Sherry on the deck (left).  Murphy outside the back door (right).

Snooze time. 

Happy dogs at the end of a BIG day.  Note: Murphy ate his dinner tonight and then didn't even move away from his bowl, he went to sleep right there!