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Kylo and Sherry play

posted 19 Jun 2010, 22:18 by Carole McNie
Kylo (ex Trinity) and Sherry had a play date this afternoon. On such a wet, miserable day it was great to be able to get Sherry out to have some fun as she had made me very cross this morning because she just wouldn't leave Shadow alone and Shadow clearly didn't want to play. So I growled at her and unfortunately that upset the big dogs - oops! Anyway, as per the previous play date with Amber, Sherry and Kylo played for well over an hour and were still going strong when we left.

(click to enlarge photos)
Kylo (top and Sherry (bottom) have a play fight (left). Kylo and Sherry posing (sort of) (right)!

Below, Kylo and Sherry at play.

YouTube Video

Other News

Big news for the week that is yesterday, exactly two weeks to the day that Sherry came into our house after the other pups had gone to their homes, Kula was caught on camera playing with Sherry - yeah! It doesn't mean that she is going to be any more friendly most of the time but it does show a willingness to loosen up a little on the puppy. See video below.

YouTube Video

Marco (ex Thumper) wrote Shadow (and me) a lovely letter this week telling of his exploits at puppy pre-school. He picked out the BIGGEST puppy at pre-school to play with, a Leonberger, which is almost as big as a horse when fully grown! He wagged his tail and greeted everyone, tried to coax a pretty female puppy to play but got barked at and then did the best recall and sit of the whole class and impressed the trainer! Go Marco!

Marco picking on one of his "family" (left). Marco snoozing with a friend (right).

Lachie (ex Xerxes) also had a similar "event" to be proud of at his class as he was the only puppy to do a "down" properly.

We visited Murphy yesterday at his home and he looks very happy. He has a lovely golden retriever called Piper to play with (and bully).

Murphy, Piper and big ted (left). Murphy's lazy sit (right).