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News on Trinity

posted 17 Apr 2010, 22:23 by Carole McNie   [ updated 17 Apr 2010, 22:32 ]
Just a quick update on Trinity. She had a good night last night and is feeding well and breathing a whole lot better now. She is still raspy sometimes, depending on the position she is laying in, but it is clearly a lot easier for her to breathe today. She has probably lost a day in weight gain because of the strain of the last couple of days but is showing a healthy drive to get to the food first and is able to feed well even with the others clambouring all over her. She is on antibiotics for the time being and her neck is still swollen. She has an appointment with the vet first thing tomorrow morning (oh no, I've got to get up early!) and he will see if there is anything more that needs draining from her neck.

(click to enlarge photos)
Trinity snuggled up with her litter mates (left). Trinity still feeding facing sideways (right).

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