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New toy for Sherry

posted 7 Jun 2010, 22:30 by Carole McNie
Sherry is being a very good girl and has got a reward. I found a lovely big "duck" or "chick" (I think) and she has been having so much fun with it along with the other dogs. Even the people in the house have been playing a bit of soccer with it. S

Sherry has been clean for the last two nights in her crate but has the occasional accident inside in the daytime. However, with the outside temperature at about 5 degrees today, a gale force southerly and hail and rain, it is hardly surprising that she is not always keen to go out. We also have such a lot of steps at our house to get to the grass that we have to carry her. She is trying her best to be good though and especially in the evening when it is dark outside and our lights don't reach to the end of the path and you can see that she is not so keen to go into the totally dark area.

Breaking news also is that I managed to wind Kula up today and she actually sort of tried to play with Sherry while I was doing that. So grumpy granny is gradually coming round.

One funny thing with Shadow is that she spends quite a lot of time first thing in the morning and occasionally during the day playing happily with  Sherry. However, every so often I catch Shadow looking at Sherry while she is sleeping or just playing on her own with a look on her face as if she is thinking, "What on earth is that? Did I really give birth to it? What have I done?"

Phoenix (left) and Sherry (right) posing with the "duck/chick" toy.

Shadow and Sherry taking a nap.

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