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Shadow 8 weeks pregnant

posted 31 Mar 2010, 21:17 by Carole McNie   [ updated 31 Mar 2010, 21:35 ]
Shadow has had a mainly good week. However, she has now gone off her dried food, which was only part of her diet, and she also turned her nose up at a canon bone today. She is looking uncomfortable now and especially in the evenings she is a bit laboured with her breathing. She needed a hand up into the car today as well (and she was pretty heavy to help up)!

I took Shadow to be weighed yesterday and she was 30.5kg. Her last weigh in will be next Tuesday. She has added another 7 cms to her waist in the last week, making her 74cm. I think she will be glad to get these puppies out soon. She has taken to the whelping box and is quite happy to go in there and lay down on occasions, but she still prefers to be outside on her own and stays outside on the back door step all evening. We keep offering her to come in but she just looks at us as if to say, "Leave me alone".

She has looked a little sad in the day for the past couple of days but when we offer to take her for a walk/swim she brightens up. She is certainly not up to our usual walks now and we are picking short walks that can get her to a swimming place fairly quickly. She is looking good though.

Photo here included of Kula making a big splash at the swimming hole today. (Click on each photo to enlarge if you want.)