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Shadow's first CC

posted 12 Dec 2010, 00:46 by Carole McNie   [ updated 12 Dec 2010, 20:00 ]
Well, what a surprise we had this weekend.  We went to Hastings for shows and this was the first time that Shadow was going back in the ring after having her puppies.  Sherry was also competing.  Talk about hot.  We drove up first thing on Saturday morning and the weather was hot and muggy with heavy cloud cover.  Gosh, we could have fallen over with the heat. 

This was the first time that I had two dogs in a show and so once I had Sherry in and out of the ring I had to get Shadow ready to go in the ring.  Sherry won her class as she was the only bitch puppy but Shadow was up against two others in the Open class.  Well, I couldn't believe it when she was selected as first.

Shadow being checked over by the judge

YouTube Video

Shadow wins her class

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That left me with a sudden dilemma because I had to go straight back in the ring for the bitch challenge with both Shadow and Sherry.  I was very lucky that Caroline was on hand and offered to take Sherry in as she knows her from when she was a puppy staying with Jan.

So in we went and did the round the ring thing with Shadow ahead of all the others, and blow me down if she didn't win!  I just couldn't believe it and there were lots of congratulations from the other people. 

Shadow wins her CC (excuse the fact that the photographer cut off the celebration, you can only just see that the judge had awarded the win to us before he had hit the "off" button!)

YouTube Video

But it wasn't over yet.  We went back in the ring to go up against the dog for best in breed and lost out to the dog, but when the 2nd dog came in Shadow beat him for Reserve of Breed.  So well done Shadow - Bitch CC and Reserve of Breed.

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Then I had to go back in the ring with Sherry again who went up against the boy for best Puppy of Breed.  Well, it was my day because she won that too.  So great excitement.

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Sherry got Puppy of Breed again on Sunday afternoon by default as everyone else pulled out due to the heat I think, but we didn't get anything in the group award.

Nothing else happened for the rest of the weekend except I got raving hayfever, but we were well chuffed with ourselves, especially as I wasn't really expecting Shadow to do anything at all.

Look at the wonderful sunset we camped out under on Saturday night.