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Sherry and Amber meet for a play

posted 16 Jun 2010, 21:09 by Carole McNie   [ updated 16 Jun 2010, 21:29 ]
Sherry and Amber had a big day today - they met up this morning for play time. And boy did they play. They went on and on and on and on. Nearly two hours later they were starting to look a little tired, but were still trying to play. Sherry found Amber's kong with some food in it and decided that she was going to kill anyone who got near her. I quickly fixed that little problem! They ran round the gardens, over the hedges, into our legs and hid under the car. Sherry now has a nice crown of oil on her head from the bottom of the car.

Surprisingly, Sherry had only about an hour's sleep when she got home and then went outside and chewed on a canon bone for an hour or so. I think she will sleep well tonight.

Very hard to get photos of puppies when they are playing as they won't keep still. Below are a few images and also a video of the moment they both met up again for the first time in a couple of weeks.

(click to enlarge photos)
Trying to get puppies to pose for photos when they want to play is near impossible!

Killer attack dogs!

Shadow and Sherry share the same bed (left). Sherry assumes the comfiest sleeping pose (right).

YouTube Video