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Sherry gets out and about!

posted 19 Jul 2010, 22:41 by Carole McNie   [ updated 20 Jul 2010, 00:56 ]
Well, Sherry has certainly been out and about over the past couple of weeks. Most of the time it has been down the beach at Petone, but one of her first little walks was along a path that goes to a place called Sugarloaf Rock which is in Maungaraki - or is it over the hill in Korokoro? I'm not sure! Anyway, wherever it is, Jeff and I took the dogs there one day and then took some photos (see below). Sherry really felt she was on top of the world!

(click to enlarge photos)
Kula, Jeff and Sherry are on top of the world overlooking Wellington Harbour.

Jeff and Sherry nearly at the top.

Today Sherry disgraced herself at the beach along with Phoenix. Both of them rolled in a dead something or other and so both of them had to have a shower when they got home. Actually, this was the first for Sherry, the first of many as she will get this treatment when she starts her show career. She didn't actually seem to mind the shower too much once she discovered that there were little treats all around the edge of the shower!

The next photos show Sherry at the beach, and also a video to show that she has got over her fear of the waves and now happily runs in them. We haven't got as far as swimming yet, but we do go in up to or even a little over our tummy.
Playing with a stick with Kula watching (left). Racing with the big dogs in the waves (right).

YouTube Video

And of course Sherry plays at the park by the river and, as usual, tries to take the stick away from Shadow!

YouTube Video

Sherry is a very sweet puppy and has picked up some lovely habits. I take the dogs outside around 6am and I take my slippers off before I go out the door and put my outside shoes on to go out. When we come back inside, Sherry always picks up one of my slippers and runs into the bedroom with it. If she has got time she will come back and get the second one too before I can get it! Then, when I am back in bed, she will take my socks into the lounge where a bit later Rob will bring them back into the bedroom. It's a bit like playing put and take! Also, once Rob has gone to work and if I am still in bed, Sherry has the habit of laying on any clothes I have left on the floor. Consequently, when I get up those clothes are lovely and warm to put on. There really is a benefit to having a lovely warm puppy in the house on these cold winter days!

Some photos below are of Sherry in more "posed" positions. She is preparing for her first show which will be on 8 August.

Sherry side view (left). Head shot (right).

And a couple of fun photos!
Sherry with one of the bigger toys that she likes to commandeer occasionally, a purple elephant!

This was going to be a sitting down facing up shot, but just as I took the photo Jeff ran by and Sherry turned her head quickly to have a look. The camera went off just at this time and caught her ears in mid flight!