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Sherry, Murphy, friends and soccer

posted 2 Nov 2010, 23:29 by Carole McNie
Today Sherry had a visitor, her brother Murphy. He came to visit for half a day and after having a play in the garden, we then packed them all into the newly fitted out van and went up to Normandale where we had a lovely wander. At the top we tried to  pose the dogs and get a few photos, you decide which one you like best!

(click to enlarge photos)
Murphy's quite at home in the van with the others. Left to right: Sherry, Murphy, Phoenix and Shadow (Kula was hiding behind Shadow).

Pose nos. 1 and 2, left to right: Lexi, Teah, Murphy, Holly, Sherry, Kula, Shadow, Phoenix.

Pose nos. 3 and 4: Same order except Murphy is on the far left on his own a bit - he took a while to decide to stay put!

Back at home the dogs all had a nice sleep and Murphy spent his time sleeping in the study with me while I was working.

Later this evening Sherry showed a new skill - soccer. She is very keen on playing soccer with Peter and has learnt how to pick up the ball. Watch that waggy tail, it just doesn't stop!

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