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Sherry shows and trains

posted 17 Oct 2010, 17:22 by Carole McNie
 Sherry had her first outdoor show yesterday at Ashurst. The weather forcast was appalling but it turned out to be not too bad. We left the worst of the rain and wind in Wellington for the day. As we got closer to Ashurst the weather improved until it was almost sunny. There was certainly not much wind there.

This was Sherry's first foray into the "Puppy" class as she is now over 6 months old and so too old to be a "Baby Puppy". She came third in her class out of three but that was no surprise as she is not balanced at the moment and runs with a hump in her back. However, I thought she ran really nicely for me and she didn't try and trip me up or bite me, which is something that she has had a go at recently! Below is a video of her at the show. You will notice that when the judge was in front of her she moved back a bit - that was caused by her lips being stuck to her teeth so when the judge tried to look in her mouth it took a bit to move her lips off her teeth and she didn't like it!

YouTube Video

Sherry has also been training for obedience so she has been a busy girl. Below is a video of part of her training at home.

YouTube Video

To see a photo of Sherry at 6 months, go to her web page. Click here.