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Sherry starts her show career... and other items!

posted 8 Aug 2010, 16:45 by Carole McNie
Sherry has had a very busy time recently, capped off by a wonderful weekend learning how to become a proper show dog! She was entered in two shows in Porirua on Sunday but we took her over to the Kennel Centre on Saturday for a couple of hours just to get a feel of the place as it can be a bit scary for a little pup. When I thought on Sunday afternoon of the difference in her between then and when she first entered the Kennel Centre on Saturday morning, it is quite incredible. Puppies learn so quickly and it seems that Sherry, although cautious at first, soon gets used to a new situation and once she feels safe she is everybody's friend. She entered the Kennel Centre on Saturday morning more or less on her tummy, wagging her tail between her legs. The first three dogs she saw inside the door were Great Danes! So everything was easy after that. Once she found her friend, Jan, and a three month old pointer puppy that she knew, she was quite happy.

Sunday came and it was an early start for us to get to the Kennel Centre on time. Sherry was not too impressed with being put into her crate, but at least it was a safe place. We had a chance to get her out before the show started and run her round the ring and she ran beautifully, not nervous at all and had her tail out straight and stretching out. Then all too soon it was time for her to go in the ring to show. She was the only Baby Puppy Bitch in the show so only had to trot round nicely and be checked over by the judge. Below is a video of her first foray into the ring (although the boss didn't video for long enough and so you don't get to see the fact that when the judge came to look her over, Sherry laid down and rolled over onto her back)! Jan had to quickly convince Sherry that the judge wanted to see her top side, not her tummy, and then all was well. She lost out to the Baby Puppy Dog in the morning. However, in the afternoon, although Sherry once again produced her tummy for the judge to look at first, she actually won and so was the Baby Puppy in Breed for that show! Great achievement for her first show. I just love the fact that her tail was wagging when she was being stood at the end.

YouTube Video

The next video is a brief one of Sherry going in the ring to compete for Baby Puppy in Group. She was up against three other gundogs and the Pointer won. However, we had had a great time, Sherry was much more confident walking around the Kennel Centre by Sunday afternoon and it looks like she will be a lovely dog to show. Well done Sherry!

YouTube Video

Apart from showing, Sherry, having mastered the art of swimming, decided she would try the underwater thing the other day. Below is a video of her giving it a go.

YouTube Video

And after all that action, Sherry also has time to relax, which she does whenever and wherever the need takes her.

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