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Sherry swims!

posted 28 Jul 2010, 20:35 by Carole McNie   [ updated 28 Jul 2010, 21:55 ]
Finally Sherry made the plunge and swam in the sea for the first time on her 16 week birthday. Every day that she has been to the beach I have seen her get more and more confident in the water and go a little bit deeper each time. The day before she actually swam she had gone in quite deep but not quite got her feet off the ground and we had finished our paddle and were on our way back to the car when I turned round to see Sherry rolling in a dead bird. So even though it was cold and wet, we went back to the water and I chucked a couple of sticks in so she could rinse the smell off. She had gone in and needed about another 1cm before she was actually going to be swimming, she got so close!

So the next day when we were at the beach, with a lovely sunny day and another puppy to frolick with, Sherry took the plunge all of a sudden. It was as if she was showing off to this other puppy who was 9 months old but had not swum yet. He was a cocker spaniel and about the same size as Sherry. Well, she taught him to swim for the first time too so it was a success all round... except for the fact that it was the one day that I didn't have the camera on me to catch the big event!

I took the camera down to the beach today but it was cold, raining and a bit miserable. There were quite a few waves that were putting Sherry off, so I ended up going to the river mouth and there she went for a swim and I managed to catch it on camera (see below).

YouTube Video

P.S. How come every time you dry a puppy off with a towel, it ends up in a bun fight!

Look at this beautiful photo of black swans in the rain at the river.
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