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Sherry wins against other breeds of dogs

posted 20 Dec 2010, 17:18 by Carole McNie
We had a super day on Sunday 13 February 2011.  What started out as a thought that we would be at the dog show just for the morning and then would probably be home by lunch time turned into a marathon effort with us not arriving home until 7.15pm.

Both Sherry and Shadow were competing, Sherry in Puppy and Shadow in Open.  Sherry was the only puppy bitch so she got through in her class automatically (see video below).

YouTube Video

Shadow, on the other hand, had three others to compete against and I was absolutely chuffed because she got second.  Not only that, but she felt like she was beginning to enjoy running with me and that was really lovely to feel that in her (see video below).

YouTube Video

Neither dogs did anything in the bitch line up, although Shadow did have to enter the ring with someone else because the other Open Bitch actually won the challenge.  That was the end of Shadow's day. 

Sherry had to go back into the ring to compete against the Dog Puppy and lo and behold, she won.  So then we had to wait around for the Puppy of Group award.  By this time it was exceedingly hot and it was hard to keep both humans and dogs cool.  However, it was well worth the wait because Sherry actually won!  First time to win against other breeds of dogs.  That was very exciting and below is a video of that prestigious win.

YouTube Video

Of course, this meant that we had to stay for the "In Show" awards, so that meant moving the van so it was closer to the ring and enabled us to provide ourselves and the dogs with a bit of shade to sit in.  It must have been 28 or 29 degrees by mid afternoon and very hot both in and out of the sun.  When we went in the ring for the "In show" awards the judge would send us out of the ring once she had seen our dog to find some shade while she checked other dogs over.  We all entered the ring again at the end for the awarding of the prize.  Sherry didn't win this one, but it was very exciting to actually be in the line up and I hope I did her justice.  What a great day.

(Click to enlarge photo)
Photo of the line up for Puppy in Show - the boxer won on the day.